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Pest control

Pest control

  • Eliminate or capture bothersome pests.
  • Inspection to identify the type of pest, possible entry points, the cause of the problem, and the conditions that may be enabling it.
  • Treat the problem in most appropriate way for the type of pest and infestation.
  • This may involve environmental changes to eliminate food sources or access to residence as well as direct treatment (e.g., fog, spray, trap, poisoned bait, etc).
  • Services may include chemical spraying or setting traps.
  • Traps will be monitored and emptied.

Labor Pre-estimate: In-person estimate required. Minimum of QAR 50.00 to be charged. Additional charges may apply as per the In-person estimate. Customer may pay in advance by Credit Card and remaining amount using Cash on Delivery.

QR 50.00