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Ways to improve your home

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Fixing up the exterior

Repairing any broken doors, damaged windows, and those cracks in your front walk can really make a difference. 

Addressing the plumbing Issues

Hire a plumber to fix those slow drains, dripping faucets, and poorly-functioning water heater. Keep in mind that you may benefit most from installing a completely new water heater, especially if yours is 5+ years old. 

Improve the Interior Walls

While you might love your unique color scheme (we don’t judge), you may want to consider painting your walls a more neutral palette. Ask your painter to patch any holes and sand down the walls while they’re at it to get the best effect. 

Replace the Flooring

Do you have scratched or damaged floors, outdated tiles, or carpet so stained you can’t remember the original color? One of the fastest and easiest ways to reinvigorate your home is to replace the floors. With so many options today—stain-resistant carpet, wood-look vinyl flooring, and eco-friendly floors—you’re sure to find a floor that you will love. 

Renovate the Kitchen

If you’re looking for a larger renovation, start with the kitchen. New appliances, refaced cabinetry, and stone countertops are a few of the most popular kitchen modifications.

 Update the Bathrooms

If your bathrooms look like they belong in the 80s, it’s time for an update. You can go as low or high-budget as you like, so talk to your contractor about where to spend your renovation budget to get the biggest impact. New fixtures and updated tile could be all it takes to bring your bathroom into the 21st century.

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